Storyboards and Scripts

Solomon Run Story Board.pptx

Solomon Run Firemen's Club Employee Training

Tools Used: PowerPoint

Time: 6 hours

Challenges: Solomon Fun Firemen's Club often gets applicants who are unfamiliar with private establishment rules. At times, The Club has lost new employees a few weeks into the job due to feeling overwhelmed with the position.

Solution: A bartender orientation course should be established to give new hires an introduction into specific club rules and procedures. The course should be available on any device for quick reference if recall is needed.

Results: New hires of the Solomon Run Firemen's Club began their first shift with knowledge of The Club under their belts. Instead of being bombarded with rules and procedures that accompany a typical bartending position, they were prepared and successful in their new role.

Instructional Video Script

Instructional Video Script

Tolls Used: Google Docs

Time: 1 hour

Challenges: A subscription-based learning site for K-12 would like to add instructional videos to their website for when learners get questions incorrect.

Solutions: Videos with typed slides, clear animations, high-quality and consistent audio, and detailed explanations which mirror their established skills are created.

Results: Learners are able to view detailed, instructor led videos to reinforce a topic in which they were struggling. Learners' scores increased drastically from only having a written explanation of why their solutions were incorrect.