Solomon Run Firemen's Club: Bartender Orientation

Tools Used: Articulate Storyline 360, Vyond, Audacity and Canva

Time: 10 hours

Challenges: Solomon Fun Firemen's Club often gets applicants who are unfamiliar with private establishment rules. At times, The Club has lost new employees a few weeks into the job due to feeling overwhelmed with the position.

Solution: A bartender orientation course was established to give new hires an introduction into specific club rules and procedures. The course can be quickly referenced on any device for recall if needed.

Results: New hires of the Solomon Run Firemen's Club began their first shift with knowledge of The Club under their belts. Instead of being bombarded with rules and procedures that accompany a typical bartending position, they were prepared and successful in their new role.

Hosting Engaging Virtual Meetings

Tools Used: Vyond

Time: 5 hours

Challenges: Virtual meetings have become the new norm for corporations. Stakeholders want employees delivering engaging meetings, as they would in person, through the virtual setting. But some employees are worried about hosting virtual meetings at such a standard.

Solution: Stakeholders require employees to watch an informative video on hosting engaging virtual meetings and take notes on 6 tips they can follow.

Results: Employees reference the 6 tips they learned each time they are to host and successfully lead an engaging virtual meeting.

Workplace Sexual Harassment

Tools Used: Articulate Rise 360